Geneva Classical Academy – Resources: Articles

    • ACCS CLASSIS is a quarterly journal of articles designed to encourage the successful implementation of classical Christian education. 

      Winter 2015 volume now available with the following articles:

      • Authority in the Education of a Human Being by Anthony Esolen, Providence College
      • Rockbridge: Rhetoric Is . . .  by Jerry Keehner, Rockbridge Academy
      • Mathematics in the Classical School by Joseph Friedly, Evangelical Christian Academy
      • Creating a Culture of Faculty Development by Bryan Lynch, Veritas School
      • Governance Does Make a Difference by Leonard Stob, The Liberian Circle

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    • The Journal of the Society of Classical Learning - The Journal of the Society for Classical Learning is a quarterly publication which features articles by experienced educators committed to Christ-centered classical education. It offers an opportunity for members to exchange opinions, expertise and the experiences of their schools and classrooms.

      Winter 2015 edition includes the following articles:

      • Making Delightful Sense of Knowing (Ad)ventures,Part 1 by Esther Nightcap Meek
      • The Plena of Participation: How an Algebra Lesson With My Daughter Revealed the Fullness of Knowledge by David Wright
      • Christian Apologetics and the Imagination by Gene Edward Keith
      • The Liberal Arts and Human Flourishing by Kevin Clark
      • Science and Poetry by Ravi Jain