Geneva Classical Academy – Resources: Parent Reading List

Essential primary source texts for classical Christian education: 


The Lost Tools of Learning  Dorothy Sayers

The Case for Classical Christian Education  Douglas Wilson

Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning  Douglas Wilson

Repairing the Ruins  edited by Douglas Wilson

Wisdom and Eloquence  Robert Littlejohn and Charles T. Evans

The Abolition of Man  C.S. Lewis

On Secular Education  R.L. Dabney

Education, Christianity and the State  J. Gresham Machen

Why Johnny Can’t Read  Rudolf Flesch

Climbing Parnassus  Tracy Lee Simons

Education in the Truth  Norman DeJong

On Christian Doctrine  Augustine

The Seven Laws of Teaching  John Gregory


“Classical and Christian education… aims to shake the dust off many of the forgotten methods and subjects that were central to education…equipping children for the future with what has been successful in the past.”

Gregg Strawbridge