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Joe McGuire

Joe McGuire

Board Member

Joe McGuire is entering his ninth year as a Geneva parent and his sixth year serving on the Board of Directors.  Joe holds a BS in Finance from the University of Arizona and serves as the General Manager for LoveBeets, USA.  

Joe has over 27 years of business management experience and served as a deacon in his former church in Brooklyn, NY before moving to Lakeland in 2008.   He is a founding member of Christ Church of Lakeland and serves as elder. 

Joe is enthusiastic when telling folks about Geneva because he knows his sons are receiving an education that is not only going to give them the tools to master their calling for the glory of God, but also is giving them an ability to understand the whole of the world in which they live and to comprehend the ideas and philosophies that have been developed in the past and are being developed in the present. 

Joe and his wife Melanie have five children, four of whom are students at Geneva. 

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