Music Arts

Grammar Music Appreciation

Geneva teaches Music Appreciation to its Grammar students (kindergarten through sixth grade).  The teaching emphasis is on music being a gift from God whereby we can enjoy Him and each other. 

Our curriculum includes rhythm and movement for K5 and 1st grade and an introduction to Classical Music beginning with the Baroque Period and progressing through the Modern Period for 2nd through 6th grades. We study the life and times of the composers, musical instruments and their development (the orchestra), Opera for Kids, and American Musical Theatre.  

Geneva students may also take private lessons in piano. 

Rhetoric Music Appreciation

The Upper School intermittently offers a Music Appreciation course for Rhetoric students which is a study of the musical elements, the requisites of good and truly beautiful music, and the development of music throughout history, beginning with the ancient Greek and Roman periods.

Students attend and report on selected live instrumental and vocal music concerts, in which they objectively and subjectively listen for application of tone color, rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony, texture and form in the music, and even critique performances.

In the Music history segment of the course, students learn about the cultural, political, artistic, philosophical, and religious influences that characterized the music of each time period.

Geneva endeavors to present the students with the timeless criteria that produce truth, goodness and beauty in the music of any age. Students are encouraged to evaluate any music they encounter against these criteria so that they can recognize music that brings glory to God and greater knowledge of His wonderfully creative character.