The geneva difference

Geneva Classical Academy assists families in fulfilling their Biblical obligation to educate and train their children by providing a community of parents and teachers committed to teaching children to love learning and to grow in Godliness.

the classical christian education model

Grammar Stage

Children from kindergarten (4 and 5 year olds) to 5th grade are adept at memorizing large amounts of information. The Grammar stage makes great use of this natural ability to give children a firm foundation of facts in math, phonograms, natural history, geography, science, etc.

logic Stage

As a child matures from 6th through 8th grade, he/she becomes naturally adept at argument. Logic enables them to assimilate the facts they learned in the Grammar Stage into a more thorough and cohesive understanding of their subjects and to arrange their thoughts in a rational and meaningful way.

rhetoric Stage

Students have now honed their Socratic skills of asking questions and questioning answers, enabling them to engage the dominant ideas of past and present cultures, allowing them to impact their generation with the knowledge, understanding and wisdom found in the Gospel of Christ.

our story

our story

The LORD has done wonderful things at Geneva Classical Academy since our door opened in 1996—yes, our door, only one—one little classroom, five kindergarteners, and one teacher.

what makes geneva unique?

what makes geneva unique?

Geneva offers a reformed, classical and Christ-centered college-preparatory curriculum with a commitment to excellence while encouraging students to develop a love of learning.

upcoming events

upcoming events

Nov. 19: FJCL Fall Forum

Nov. 21-25: Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 10: Rhetoric Banquet