Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision | Geneva Classical Adacdemy | Lakeland, FL


Geneva Classical Academy exists to assist families in fulfilling their Biblical obligation to educate and train their children by providing an extraordinary education founded upon a Scriptural worldview, distinctively Christian and classical, thus equipping students to know, love, and practice all that reflects truth, goodness, beauty and encouraging them to live purposefully and thoughtfully in the service of God and man.

Mission & Vision | Geneva Classical Adacdemy | Lakeland, FL


Geneva strives to be the top choice for families in Polk County looking for a robust and rigorous alternative style of education that creates well rounded students thoroughly equipped with a deep and functional understanding of truth, goodness, and beauty. Students and families are to receive an inspiring, Christ-central experience that fosters a love of learning, a desire to engage and serve the world around them, and the tools and momentum to do so.