We are deeply grateful for Geneva and what it means for our family.  We have seen not only a rich and rigorous classical curriculum applied, but that while being educated, our children have grown in Godly character.  
The teachers at Geneva not only have a great passion for sharing their love of learning but also consistently point our children to Christ in their everyday lives.  To know that their teachers are praying for them and guiding them practically day in and day out with God’s word is a blessing.  We have seen the fruits of their work first hand and we are so blessed.  
To see our children developing a passion for learning is a direct result of the environment Geneva has created for our children.  We believe that Geneva best prepares them to love and serve the Lord, their families, and community for a lifetime.  C.S. Lewis stated, ‘If education is beaten by training, civilization dies.’ We believe at Geneva our children are receiving an education; not just training for the next test.

- Sean and Emma McMicken, Geneva Parents

We started our son in Kindergarten at Geneva three years ago and we have loved every minute of it! Our daughter joined the Kindergarten class this year. Every day brings a new discovery, a new reason to love learning, a new Biblical understanding. The classical model is the logical way to educate children. It allows children the opportunity to learn for themselves and it prepares them for a lifetime of learning. Our children are excited to go to school every day because they know that their teachers care about their educations and because they know that each day holds a new adventure. – Jennifer Barthel, Geneva Parent

One thing I love about Geneva is the faculty and staff. The teachers are passionate about what they teach and they are passionate about who they teach. I feel that my children are not only receiving a Biblical worldview through the classical Christian model but that their hearts are also being shepherded to love God, to love his ways and to enjoy the world he created. – Rev. Dax Gibson, Geneva Parent

“I attended Scared to Death by Literature and enjoyed it immensely.  After the event, a few of my students had planned to go out to dinner but instead chose to go home and read The Yellow Wallpaper.  You’re doing great things for literature!” - Crystal Smith, Professor of Composition, Valencia College West

The Classical Model (or “trivium”) takes full advantage of the developmental stages of the student’s minds and provides our children with the tools they’ll need to be successful in any walk of life (knowledge, understanding, and wisdom). There is simply not enough space here to proclaim all the benefits of a Geneva education. You simply need to go and see for yourself.  -Len Fusaro, Geneva Parent

My kids are entering their 6th year at Geneva. The care, love and education they are receiving is beyond my expectations. It is truly a blessing and they look forward to going every day and are sad when school is out for the summer!!! – Marcia Brooks, Geneva Parent

Geneva Classical Academy is a wonderful school and we are so thankful that our children attend Geneva. The Classical Christian model of education allows our children to excel academically and spiritually. Children at Geneva are far advanced academically when compared to their public school counterparts (up to two grades from my personal experience). But even more importantly, children at Geneva learn to be courteous, respect their peers and community, and value the beauty in life. The students are trained to think critically, apply their reasoning skills to difficult issues, and defend their positions both in written format and verbally. The teachers are able to implant a love of learning in the children through their patience, kind interactions, and advanced skills. Our children love to go to school every day and we feel fortunate that we can bring them to such a stimulating, safe, and caring environment where they are allowed to grow mentally and spiritually.
 - Submitted by a parent to www.greatschools.org

My child has been attending Geneva for the past two years and I love this school. The quality of education is far above any other school I have personally come across (and I investigated several schools before choosing this one). This school has excellent teachers who truly care about the children. The teachers come alongside the parents and partner with them in the education of the children. I am sold on Christian Classical Education and as long as Geneva is in Lakeland my child will be attending until she graduates. I would highly recommend this school to everyone and anyone who cares about the quality of education and the environment that your child will learn in. Geneva is an excellent school!!
- Submitted by a parent to www.greatschools.org