Visual Arts

Art gives us a glimpse into societies otherwise long vanished.  Art finds its expression in all areas of our daily lives, inspiring us and engaging us in the creative process even as we imitate God, the ultimate Creator.  

All students take art at Geneva in an effort to instill in them an appreciation for the beauty of God’s creation and to inspire them to imitate that beauty in their own work.  



Students in kindergarten through sixth-grade learn and explore the elements of art including line, texture, shape, color, and composition.  Fifth and sixth grade students learn basic drawing skills.  


Dialectic and Rhetoric

The art program for the dialectic and rhetoric students  focuses primarily on two areas: creating and analyzing.  

Students are given the means to explore their own creative abilities in such areas as drawing, painting, mixed media projects, and photography. Geneva’s art program emphasizes that God created each of us as creative beings. 

Geneva also emphasizes the analysis and appreciation of art from a biblical perspective. Students have the opportunity to view and discuss great works of art and to consider the purpose behind each piece. Studying art allows the students to place art in context with the rest of history and to see the way in which culture influences the art world and vice versa. 

The goal of the Geneva art program is to encourage and challenge students to pursue artistic endeavors, develop their creativity, appreciate art, and understand its place in our world. 


For Student Use via Miss L:

“The Four Holy Gospels” by Makoto Fujimura

“Finding God Through Art” with Makoto Fujimura

For the Life of the World: The Economy of Wonder with Makoto Fujimura

Redeemer Center for Faith & Work’s “Three Visions Necessary for the Christian Artist” by Vito Aiuto

“Why You Need Art in Your Life” by  Jordan Peterson

Learning to Look: An Interview with Alissa Wilkinson

Letter of Pope John Paul II to Artists

Transpositions: Theology, Imagination, & The Arts

The Gospel Coalition’s “8 New Resources for Advent”

John Piper’s “Good News of Great Joy” 

“Good New of Great Joy” Daily Readings

Biola 2017 Advent Project

Biola 2016 Advent Project

7 Ls of Gesture Drawing