Join the conversation with our Curia podcasts!

We are hosting a series of panel discussions for Geneva’s assembly, called Curia, recorded as podcasts which invite experts in their fields to explore in in-depth conversations what Geneva’s classical and Christian perspectives mean in the day to day of our lives.

What is Curia?

Curia is our weekly upper school assembly time. Our goal during this time is to hear from interesting, thought-provoking, inspiring, and even challenging speakers from our local community and beyond.

Whether it be a Florida Supreme Court Justice, a missionary to Nicaragua, a retired surgeon, a Vietnam veteran, a volunteer at a local Pro-Life women’s clinic, or the Bat Lady (you’ll have to ask our students), we want to expose our students to the insights, experiences, and wisdom of folks who are living their lives–in the workplace or on the battlefield or the mission field or in the home or anywhere God may take them–through the lens of God’s Word.

Curia Podcast 1

Topic: Christian Education: “What is it and how does this make Geneva different from other schools?”

Panel: Rev. Dax Gibson, Mr. Michael Strawbridge, Mrs. Laura McGinnis, Mr. Doug Smith

Curia Podcast 2  

Topic:  Reformation:  “What was the Reformation and how does it apply to the Church today?”

Panel:  Mr. Eric Fullgraf, Rev. Freddy Fritz, Rev. Robert Barnes, Rev. Drew Bennett

Curia Podcast 3

Topic:  Great Books; “Why should school curriculum center around a Great Books program?”

Panel:  Mr. Eric Fullgraf, Mrs. Monica Maravilla, Mrs. Joy Marie Strawbridge, Miss Megan Boutwell

Curia Podcast 4

Topic:  Christians and Culture; “How should Christians relate to human culture?”

Panel:  Mr. Robert Macey, Rev. Steven Wedgeworth, and Miss Bethany Lynam

Curia Podcast 5

Topic:  Science v. Faith; “Is science by nature an atheistic endeavor or does religious faith have anything to do with scientific pursuits?”

Panel:  Mr. Doug Smith, Ms. Lory Pyle, Mr. Jake Smith, Dr. Timothy Brooks


Curia Podcast 6 – Our final podcast of the year

Topic: “What is the place of athletics in the classical curriculum?”

Panel: Athletic Director Rick Strawbridge , Coach Kris Smith, athletic franchise owner Keith Jackson, and Geneva student Raley Brown.

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